Friday, April 19, 2013

Prayers Needed

Last fall efforts began to have our little Children's Rosary book published.  After a very short search which involved visiting the website of one very large Catholic publisher, Divine Providence seemed to lead right to a small family run Catholic Publisher named Neumann Press.  A call to the publisher brought a friendly hello.  When I asked if I could speak to someone about having a book published I was surprised to find that the man welcomed this inquiry and forwarded me to the owner who happened to also be his father.  A man took the phone named Dennis McCoy.  I explained my interest in having a book published but confessed that I had little experience with such an endeavor.  Despite my inadequacies in  such a project, I did mentioned that many rosaries had been said for this intention and he replied "Well this is a good place to start".   Recently I heard that 60 percent of what someone shares with you is conveyed through the tone of their voice.  In the way Dennis spoke these words, I felt a deep faith existed within him and a love of Our Lady and the Rosary.  There was no doubt in my mind the Children's Rosary had found a home at the Neumann Press.  

This family run publishing house was founded by Dennis McCoy many years ago in the rural town of Long Prairie, Minnesota USA.  He purchased an old creamery building and set up his press within it.  Most of the employees at the Press are family members.  All the work from idea to final product happens within the walls of this little creamery.  

During the process of having the Children's Rosary book made I was always impressed with the steady even temper of Dennis McCoy.  Despite glitches and setbacks he patiently spent many hours making everything right.  Though I have never seen a picture of Dennis his personality has created a very warm image in my mind.  He is always quick to laugh and full of joy.  He is a wonderful patriarch for his family and solid rock much like the apostle Peter for our early Church.  After some time, his son mentioned to me that Dennis has been suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).  This winter was particularly rough with a severe bout of flu that left Dennis weak.  Despite this suffering, Dennis and his family lovingly completed the Children's Rosary book in the end of February.  In the past few weeks we have been in contact as we prepare to have the Spanish edition of the Children's Rosary book published. Just this week, I received word from his son that Dennis is seriously ill and his Chronic Leukemia has transformed into an aggressive lymphoma.  Dennis is currently hospitalized at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. After speaking to my husband who is an oncologist about these recent changes in his cancer, my husband indicated that such a transformation from a chronic form of leukemia to an aggressive lymphoma carries with it a very poor prognosis.  I would like to humbly ask any of you reading this post to say 1 Hail Mary before leaving this page to Our Lady that she may intercede for Dennis before her Son and see him through this difficult time.

Thank you all for being a bright light in a dark time.  Your prayers are a priceless gift to a family who stands beside their loved one in pain.

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