Friday, April 19, 2013

Prayers Answered

St. Faustina's Convent in Poland
A little over 2 weeks ago the Children's Rosary received a prayer request.  A friend who has been very involved with the Children's Rosary over the years was leading a pilgrimage to Poland beginning on Divine Mercy Sunday and then continuing through Europe ending in Rome.  The pilgrimage was designed for the group to spend Divine Mercy Sunday at the tomb of St. Faustina and Shrine of Divine Mercy.  Days before the trip, Scott who was leading the group became concerned as there was unseasonably cold weather in Poland and significant snow.  Many of the members of his pilgrimage were from states like Texas and Florida within the United States, places which rarely see cold temperatures and snow.  He worried for these individuals that they would not be prepared for the cold temperatures or have appropriate clothing.  As we approached the weekend of Divine Mercy Sunday we had six Children's Rosary groups meeting.  Prior to their meeting I sent each group leader a list of the petitions we had received for the children to pray over during the Rosary.  Scott and his pilgrimage group were included in this list of intentions sent to the groups. 

Saturday evening the day before Divine Mercy Sunday I received an email from Scott who was already in Poland.  Indeed the weather was as predicted cold and snowy.  However,  something wonderful happened.  Something for which Scott was deeply grateful.  Scott who is a veteran tour guide had brought his group to the Divine Mercy Shrine.  Just at that moment of their visit an old nun appeared.  A women Scott knew from years earlier.  She was visiting as well.  She recognized Scott and invited his group into St. Faustina's convent for lunch.  She also told them that during Divine Mercy Sunday they were welcome to go into the convent to get warm.  As Divine Mercy Sunday usually draws several hundred thousand people to this place and participating in this event usually requires being outside for 6 hours with no shelter this gift was a true God send.  When I emailed Scott that all the children were praying for his group he responded with assurance that these were indeed prayers answered.  

Scott (pictured far left) and His pilgrimage staff in Poland
on a prior trip when the weather was much better.
I share this small story that you may know how Our Lord cares for us.  In His Mercy He answers all our prayers and in such beautiful ways.  Thank you to all who joined the Children's Rosary's that weekend in prayer.

Thank you Lord for always providing for us in ways we might never have anticipated with such beauty and care. Amen.

If you would like to submit a prayer petition to the Children's Rosary they can be sent to or submitted directly to the individual group leaders for each Children's Rosary group.  A list of groups and their contact information is available here.

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