Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Lady's Rose Blooms on Her Feast Day

Feast of the Assumption of Mary
On the celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the children's rosary which also fell on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the children planted a Peace rose as a gift to Our Lady.  We prayed that with each petal  that forms on each blossom of the rose that Our Lord would grant 1000 families would begin family prayer.  The children have dedicated this year to renewal of family prayer.  The rose is planted in a small rose garden outside of the Chapel.  The rose bloomed during the planting.  It also began blooming on the Feast of John the Baptist, June 24th.  The peace rose did something interesting it bloomed with pink blushed petals.  The rose had not bloomed for many weeks. It actually began to look a bit sick for a few weeks and I hoped it would survive and again bloom.  Then about two weeks ago there was new growth and then the appearance of new buds. I wondered, would it bloom for Our Lady's Feast of the Assumption.  Then at the Children's Rosary this Sunday I looked again.  There were 7 buds.  All were tight and closed.  Yesterday I again looked and all were closed.  I thought surely if the rose opens tomorrow it will be Our Lady's doing. 

Today I did not go to daily Mass at St. Thomas as I went for the first time to the Cathedral.  I did wonder if Our Lady's rose would open today so I sent my daughter over on her bike with a camera.  She came home and said 2 blossoms were fully open and 3 partially open.  Two were still closed.  The petals had almost no pink on them compared to the pink petals on The Feast of John the Baptist.  The purity of the creamy white petals made me think of the clouds and the purity of Our Lady that allowed her to escape death and be assumed into heaven body and soul.  A gift Our Lord gave her.  Unlike Himself where He ascended into heaven of His own doing Our Lady was assumed by Our Lord.  A heavenly birthday of her first day as Heavenly mother to us all.  Thank you Blessed Mother for in your beautiful way showing us you are with us always.

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