Friday, July 6, 2018

The Children's Rosary Turns Two in Vietnam

June 24th 2018 was the two year anniversary of the first meeting of the Children's Rosary in Vietnam. There has been a beautiful unfolding of new groups in the country over the past two years. Leading the spread of the new groups has been a group of dynamic and very prayerful young people including Tran who helped to begin the first group at the age of 16.  On June 28th 2018 a special Mass in honor of the Children's Rosary was celebrated by Father Dominic Khang at St. Martin's Sanctuary. Individuals who have helped the Children's Rosary in Vietnam were there. One person even flew in for the Mass. In a special way during the Mass, they remembered Sister Dang who ran a Children's Rosary at Bui Chu orphanage prior to her passing. The children continue to meet at Bui Chu orphanage.

In honor of the anniversary a rosary made out of small cakes. This can be seen on a table in the two pictures above.  We thank all those in Vietnam who have helped with the Children's Rosary. 
May God bless you all.

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