Friday, June 9, 2017

Come on a Journey with the Children in Vietnam (Day 1)

Dear Friends,

Come on a journey with the members of the Children's Rosary. They have a lot to show you. Seven children who live in Bac Hoa orphanage and participate in the Children's Rosary had the experience to go on retreat!  Other members of the Children's Rosary also joined them. The children had the experience to go to the Monastery of Our Lady of Phuoc Hai run by the Cistercian nuns.

Day 1 (June 2, 2017)
The children visited the sea. They then walked the way of the Cross. 
The children took turns carrying the cross. At 3PM they prayed for the Mercy of the Lord. 

At 4PM they planted flowers to prepare for the procession of Our Lady of Fatima. The children had dinner at 6PM and at 7PM they began a procession of prayers and they prayed the Rosary.  A beautiful platform had been built by some of the older children for Our Blessed Mother to sit on for the procession. The platform was decorated with beautiful flowers the children planted. They took such care in everything they did. 

The children share that during their procession it rained. They walked around the monastery. The children relate that "the nuns went to the balcony and looked at us. They were very surprised and loved us. We took the procession from the mountain to the monastery. The children together sang Ave Maria. They hold candles in their hands. Then at 8PM we finished the procession. It's still raining." The children were then able to see a movie about Mary of Lourdes.
We thank those of you who unified prayers with the children during these days of prayer. Please stay close to this site to see what the children did to Honor Our Lord and His Mother the following day. A special thank you to Joseph Hop for taking these beautiful pictures and a special thank you to the children for their witness of love and faith.

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