Thursday, June 15, 2017

Come on a Journey with the Children in Vietnam (Day 2)

The children would like to invite you to continue on the journey they began June 2 2017.  Seven children who live in Bac Hoa Orphanage in Bien Hoa and participate in the Children's Rosary were able to go on a two day retreat at the Monastery of Our Lady of Phuoc Hai in Vietnam. June 3rd (Pentecost Sunday) began with an early breakfast at 6AM. 

By 9 AM the children were ready to take Our Lady of Fatima from the mountain down to the monastery.  

The children had worked very hard in preparation before the trip to build a platform where Our Lady could sit and be carried to the many special sites. 

The children not only carried Our Lady but they also prayed the Rosary as they walked. It seemed that there were many stairs both in the descent to the monastery and then once in the monastery up to the chapel for Mass.  

Then the children had a very special gift on Pentecost. A Mass was celebrated just for the children. Their entire group was 12 people. 

Then the children were able to sing hymns together in the chapel of the monastery. 

There was also time for quiet prayer.  

At 1:30 they walked to Our Lady of Mai Dau. Here they continued on the path of the Cross. They climbed to the Cross at the top of the mountain.  Tran shared that the little children wanted to sacrifice to climb the mountain. 
He shares, "I did not catch them climbing to the top of the mountain. But the children have sacrificed. They are very happy. Then we went down the mountain and came to the statue of Our Lady of Bai Dau [pictured above]. 

This is the largest statue of Our Lady in Vietnam. At this time, the wind is very strong. The children say it is the wind of the Holy Spirit. And I also think that is was the Holy Spirit that empowered the children so that they could climb to the top of the mountain."

A most magnificent way to spend Pentecost at the top a mountain in prayer.

A special thank you to Joseph Hop for taking these beautiful pictures. We thank the children for inviting us to travel with them and see all the beautiful ways they Honored Our Lord and His Mother.

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