Sunday, July 29, 2018

Visit to the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show

We arrived Saturday July 28th in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This is the site of the annual Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show. This is the 5th year the Children's Rosary will have a booth at the trade show.  The Children's Rosary has been asked to lead a Rosary at the conference at the following times:
Wednesday at 7AM 
Thursday  5:00 PM 
Friday at 7AM 
If there are children in the area that would like to help us with the Rosary please let us know by emailing Blythe at the following address:

In anticipation for the trip we have been praying that Our Lady would be our travel agent...that she will guide each part of the week. We began to see her hand at work from the time we left our house. We left much later then we thought for the 5 hour drive. The unabridged reading of Oliver Twist was playing in the car save for a break when we prayed the Rosary.  Just a few moments before reaching the hotel the audio book concluded. The timing seemed so perfect. This was an audio book that has 13 discs with many many hours of reading. We have been listening at various times for the past month. We had no idea when it would end yet it concluded within 5 minutes of our hotel. As we pulled up to the hotel we saw it was 6:01. This was the time of the evening Angelus.  Yes, we could see Our Lady was arranging each detail and letting us know it was her planning it.

When we got to our rooms, we could see with a perfect view St. Mary's Church just a few blocks away. 
This morning we were able to go to Mass at St. Mary's Church. It was glorious inside. We have included a picture below and hope to take more photos this week as we attend Mass there. Please know you are in our prayers during this trip. We humbly ask for your prayers as well. 

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