Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Children's Rosary in Parish Named After St. Charbel

On the Feast of St. Charbel Makhlouf, Maronite priest and monk, we are excited to share that there is a new Children's Rosary in a parish named after St. Charbel. The new group has formed in Australia in a Maronite Parish. Their first meeting was scheduled for July 21st 2018.

The group leader shared that her children normally pray the Rosary in Aramaic, Arabic, French, Latin and English...saying a decade in each of the respective languages. 

This is the first Children's Rosary in a Maronite Parish. We welcome the children of this new group.

St. Charbel Pray For Us

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Don't forget to unify prayers with the children during their meetings. A schedule of meetings is present on our website. By clicking "Join in Prayer" you can add your gold flashing light to our View from Heaven map.

For more information about the Children's Rosary visit our website: www.childrensrosary.org
Visite nuestro sitio web en español para obtener más información: www.rosariodeninos.org
Pour plus d'informations sur le Rosaire des Enfants, visitez notre site Web:www.rosairedesenfants.org

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