Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Today we received these pictures from the Children's Rosary in Pakistan. The children took the opportunity to thank their Fathers and even give them presents. We wish all the Fathers who are part of the Children's Rosary a special blessing this day.  We also remember Our Heavenly Father. The Children's Rosary has always had a special relationship with each person of the Trinity. Our books, CDs and DVD are all dedicated to the Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother.  Today at Mass I reflected that several years ago we met at Our Father's Retreat House to hold a Children's Rosary on Father's Day. We made a video recording of the Children's Rosary and parts of it were highlighted on an EWTN interview in 2013.  Many graces and fruits came through that initial interview on EWTN and there was a feeling that God the Father had helped us in a powerful way. We thank Him for such grace and assistance.  So today when we honor the Body and Blood of Christ in the celebration of Corpus Christi we also remember the Father that sent His Son to us. 

"It is my Father who gives the true bread from Heaven"

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