Thursday, June 29, 2017

"70 Yrs Ago My Sister and I ... learned the Rosary"

Today we received this lovely card pictured above.
The note dated June 25th 2017 begins:

My Dear Children, 
Thank you so for praying the Holy Rosary that I receive on EWTN. Your clear voices & sweet faces rise to Heaven...  Today is my 77th Birthday. 70 yrs ago my sister & I went to Holy Rosary Academy and learned the Rosary from the Sisters. Please find enclosed a ten dollar bill toward the roses you give to Our Blessed Mother. 
Love to All R. 

The more I thought about this card the more beauty I saw in it.  This card gives those of us who have not reached the age of 77 a peek into the perspective one has at that time in their life. One can look back over the years.  What stands out? What is important? This letter strongly suggests that something 70 years ago made a deep impact on this women's life. She was only 7 years old, yet she remembers it clearly and with great love and appreciation. One can see the love this soul has for Our Blessed Mother that she would want to send a crisp 10 dollar bill to put toward fresh roses for Our Lady. Who does that but a person who cares a great deal for someone. Why does she care so much?  Has it been that a 70 year friendship exists, one that began when she started praying the Rosary? What are the fruits of so many years of prayer? The cover of the card seems to suggest an attitude of thanksgiving and generosity.  Blessings come from this heart to little ones who remind her of the tender years when she too learned to pray the Rosary. The Children's Rosary which airs on EWTN is a window into a Children's Rosary prayer group but for many people it is a window back 70 years ago when they were little ones and someone helped them to pray the Rosary.

A special thank you to this soul for showing all of us what happens when a child is given the gift of praying the Rosary. What does that gift look like 70 years later?  Wow! It looks beautiful.

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