Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Day of Incredible Blessings at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy

Dear Friends,

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima the Children's Rosary was invited to Divine Mercy Sunday at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge Massachusetts USA.  It has been a prayer for years that such an invitation might come. Indeed Our Lord gives His gifts in His time and He always gives them in such a way that the gift has extra special meaning.  

So it was with this gift. The first invitation was for the children to come and lead a Children's Rosary before the many pilgrims that visit the Shrine on Divine Mercy Sunday.  The weather as the day approached was predicted to be rather cold (in the 50s F) and rainy.  All I could imagine were the children out in the rain and mud. Taking all concerns to Our Heavenly Mother, I asked her to help the children on that day. So it was with much excitement that I received news from a friend on Thursday evening that the weather predictions had changed! No longer was Sunday going to rain. Instead, it was predicted to be high 60s and sunny. Praise Jesus! The umbrellas you see in the picture are not to protect people from rain but the sun. But being in the Berkshire hills, there was always a breeze blowing so the weather was an absolute 10!  A few weeks before Divine Mercy Sunday another invitation came. This was an invitation that I might speak for 20 minutes to the pilgrims about the Children's Rosary. This too was a precious gift for not only would so many see and pray with the children but they might also hear about how the children's prayers are spreading across the globe and also ways that they might be involved as well.  With such an opportunity to reach so many one might have expected a long time in crafting a speech. Well my common sense would have said, yes, this is what one does when one is speaking to many people (well in this case around 20,000).  But my heart said otherwise. Instead I prayed. My preparation was prayer. So I humbly share the talk that resulted which was posted by the Marians on their site: HERE.

In addition to the children leading the Children's Rosary we had one other exciting piece planned. The children were to sing our theme song "Rosary Children" written by Fr. Lawrence Tucker.  Providentially, Jack Yourous was able to travel and be with us that day and lead the children in the song while playing the guitar. 

Indeed the day was perfect. The weather was sunny with absolute clear skies. To see the skies and the people covering the hills in prayer during the Mass that followed the Children's Rosary was incredibly emotional. For my heart was overcome with gratitude for all that had been given. 

The Rosary that was prayed on Divine Mercy Sunday was offered up for the intention of Peace...very fitting for the approaching 100 Anniversary of Fatima. The children did a beautiful job reverently leading the Children's Rosary. We had approximately 15 children all gathered kneeling before the altar. They took turns leading the prayers and placing roses before Our Blessed Mother. Our youngest leader was just 6 years old. We also had one child lead a decade in Spanish.  
The song "Rosary Children" carried out over the hills at the end of the Rosary. The last lines of the song sung over and over  "Live in His Love, Live in His Love, Live in His Love." It seemed many hearts were touched that day for as we left the altar there were many people approaching the children and myself asking for information about the Children's Rosary. We are praying very hard now and ask for your prayers that the seeds sown that day will bear bountiful fruit for Our Lord and Our Lady.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Fr. Gramlich the Rector and the Marians for the invitation to come to Divine Mercy Sunday. We would like to thank all those who unified prayers with us that day. Many prayers were said for all of the members of the Children's Rosary. 

Lastly we would like to thank God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as Our Blessed Mother. We felt many blessing that day and none could have happened without their help.

Your Friend in Christ,

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