Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bringing Our Lady Prayers on the Feast of the Visitation

Happy Feast of the Visitation! On this day when we honor Our Blessed Mother and the life of Our Lord I share with you some recent pictures from a meeting of the Children's Rosary at Bac Hoa Orphanage in Bien Hoa City, Vietnam. The pictures were taken on May 20th 2017 when the children held an extra special meeting with prayers and also singing. The picture below is of the children singing as they enter the chapel at the orphanage to hold their meeting. One can see the joy that the children bring to their prayers.

Before beginning the Rosary the children sang and danced. Several of the nuns who care for the children are in the picture below. 

The children also took turns placing fresh roses before the feet of Our Blessed Mother. A little girl below carefully places a rose before Our Lady.

Many of the children living at the orphanage have disabilities.  Living in an orphanage they have very little to give but every day they take their rosaries in hand and Our Lady armfuls of Ave Marias to present to her Son. The children meet daily in their Children's Rosary group each evening at 7PM local time in Vietnam (8AM ET). They will be meeting today in approximately 45 minutes. Please consider joining them in prayer. If you visit our website you will see our View from Heaven map.  In just under an hour a blue flashing light will be seen on the night sky map. This will be the prayers of these little ones. Consider praying with them and clicking "join in prayer". This will add a gold flashing light to the map. In this way, you will be joining the children in bringing Our Lady prayers on this beautiful Feast of the Visitation.

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