Sunday, December 29, 2013

Parents Need the Prayers of the Their Children

Three sisters who are triplets asking Our Lord to bless their Parents
before a Children's Rosary
Very often you hear parents talking about praying for their children.  Often these prayers develop in ernest as the child enters adulthood and a parent watches their child traveling down a path of spiritual or temporal danger.  Yet what about parents.  Do we need prayers too?  
Placing intentions before Our Blessed Mother
to bring before her Son.
As a struggling mom of three I often find myself in want of more love for my children and patience.  Today on the Feast of the Holy Family there is a renewed call to strengthen our families and try to the extent we can to be like the Holy Family.  The path to holiness within a family requires prayers both as a family and prayers of parents for their children and the children for their parents.  Recently at one of Our Children's Rosary meetings triplet girls age 5 joined us for the Rosary.  They came with their younger brother, their father and grandmother.  These sweet little girls were the first ones to arrive and quickly began filling out intention sheets to place before Our Blessed Mother that would be prayed over during the Children's Rosary.  The first person all three were asking for prayers for was their mom.  With more time before the Children's Rosary started they filled out a second intention sheet this time for their dad.  It was such a beautiful sight to see these little girls praying for their parents.  Our Lord knows that with triplets and a younger brother these parents have their hands full and need prayers.  Yet it is a struggle for all parents to raise children especially these days.  

Some quiet time of prayer before the
Children's Rosary begins
One of the ways that the Children's Rosary supports families is to bring these little children to prayer with their heavenly Mother and pray in a special way for their parents and families.  These prayers of the little children are very strong and welcomed by Our Lord for He said "let the Children come to me, do not prevent them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."(Mark 10:14-15)

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