Sunday, December 27, 2015

Third Day of Christmas

Feast of the Holy Family

During the Octave of Christmas the Feast days come one after the other.  It is such a blessed time of the year one might become overwhelmed.  However, the Feast of the Holy Family is something that deserves particular attention.  Something that I became aware of at least a year after the Children's Rosary formed was that the chapel where the first meeting of the Children's Rosary was held is named after the Holy Family.  In our parish we rarely call it by its formal name, the Holy Family Chapel, but rather call it simply, the chapel, and so its true name was not known to me until three years ago.  In reflection it seemed a perfect home for the Children's Rosary.  For children are the heart of the family and families are the lungs of the Church.  If our families are strong then our church will be strong.  And so I could see the wisdom of Our Lord in bringing the children to prayer in a space dedicated to the Holy Family.  Through these little innocent prayers the coals of love and peace in our families would be stoked and a renewed commitment to family prayer would begin.

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