Friday, December 4, 2015

It is Better to Give Then to Receive

Today was a packing day.  Donated rosaries were laid out and one by one counted.  Everything is done by the children.  As I have a disability affected my joints, all the work falls to the children.  Yet it doesn't feel like work when one is sending out gifts to children around the world so that they can come together in prayer.  It is exciting and joyful.  Not only does one think of the children but also Our Heavenly Mother and her Son, for each Rosary represents a little person that will have an opportunity to know them more intimately in prayer.  To look at a Rosary and know it represents a soul is a powerful thing.  Today two packages were sent out.  One large box with 400 Rosaries was sent to Pakistan.  

Our group leader there has begun 8 Children's Rosary groups. He is waiting for supplies to help begin groups in even more parishes that have reached out that they too want a Children's Rosary prayer group in their parishes.  A smaller package including 43 Rosaries, several Children's Rosary booklets, and our CD was sent to a religious brother in Mombasa, Kenya who wants to begin a Children's Rosary.  He has been waiting for these materials for some months so it will be a happy surprise if he can receive them before Christmas.  

Children's Rosary in Tacloban City Philippines
December 2, 2015
Just over a week ago another large package of 400 handmade Rosaries and 20 Children's Rosary books was sent to Seattle where it was being picked up and hand carried to Tacloban City, Philippines.  A large Children's Rosary group meets Saturday mornings and another group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings pictured right.  A great many children have participated in the Children's Rosary in this City.  These children have suffered greatly especially from the Super Typhoon Yolanda that killed loved ones and destroyed homes several years ago.

We are very grateful to the many people who make Rosaries and share them with the Children's Rosary to be sent out to our groups around the world.  We are also grateful to those who have made monetary donations.  This allows us to continue to keep mailing such packages out.  If you would like to help support these efforts donations can be made out to Children's Rosary Inc and mailed to:
Children's Rosary 
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA

Donations can also be made electronically below:

Children's Rosary Inc. is a registered 501(C) (3) tax exempt organization.  We will be remembering all donors in a special way during our Christmas Novena.  Thank you all.

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