Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mass Offered Today for the Children's Rosary Family

Children's Rosary at St. Bernard Parish
In honor of their 2 year anniversary, the Children's Rosary from St. Bernard Parish in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania had a Mass celebrated for our whole Children's Rosary family.  As more and more groups have been offering Masses for the Children's Rosary as a whole it has the wonderful affect of drawing us all closer to Our Lord.  With each gift more grace pours into the hearts of all the members of the Children's Rosary.  Together we are helping to grow in holiness.  I recall an older women who once called interested in beginning a Children's Rosary.  We told her we would pray for her and her efforts to begin a group.  She said something which has remained in my heart.  She was so grateful for the prayers as up until now, to her knowledge, there was no one praying for her in the world.  This women was a widow and lived alone. Her children were grown and busy with their lives.  This widow shared with me that she was faithful to praying the Rosary every day.  She wanted to share this with young people and up until now did not know how.  She was overjoyed to find a way to share her love of the Rosary with children through the Children's Rosary.  

We each have a great gift to give each other.  For this women to be part of the Children's Rosary brings a blanket of prayers each day covering her.  For children, a soul who is willing to share their love of Our Lord by taking the time to start a Children's Rosary means a door opening to prayer and meeting Our Lord in their lives.  

Thank you all who have said yes to helping to start a Children's Rosary or who have prayed or had Masses said for the Children's Rosary.

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