Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Esperando Pacientemente

Patiently Waiting in Ecuador
Last week we received this picture from our Children's Rosary group at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Quito, Ecuador.  They meet each Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM ET to hold a Children's Rosary.

The children made a sign with the phrase patiently waiting written in Spanish.  
We have made it a little annual tradition to invite members of the Children's Rosary to place a sign in their window with the simple phrase Patiently Waiting.  It is a gentle and simple way to let others know where our hearts can be found as we prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ.

West Hartford, Connecticut USA
May I humbly share the inspiration for this effort.  Several years ago, I was walking past a home and such a sign was in the window.  It caught my attention.  Each time I walked past it each day I looked at it and was grateful for it.  To see the sign made me happy inside.  I wondered who put such a sign in their window.  Later I would find out it was a wonderfully holy priest.  After his passing many shared how special this little sign was to them.  I was so simple but it sent a ripple out into the community, a joyful one that is still moving in my heart years later even after the soul who placed it in his window has passed on.  What if each of us put a sign in our windows?  Please lets take a chance and find out.  

I would love to feature pictures of our signs from around the world.  They can be written in the local language and simply show a window with the sign present.  Please email me your sign in the window and I will highlight them here.  Send pictures to Please also include your town, city and country.

Thank you all so much!!

More information about the Children's Rosary in Spanish is available at:

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