Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sharing Rosaries in May

Our Children's Rosary at St. Thomas Becket in Cheshire, CT recently came up with a beautiful idea.  They wanted to share Rosaries in May with members of their parish.  The children gathered to make up beautiful little packets of prayer cards, Rosaries and pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Hundreds of packets were put together by the children.  To see them at work as little evangelizers for Our Lady and her Son is such a hopeful thing to see.  Their beautiful example inspired other members of the Children's Rosary to do something similar in their parishes in May.  

Holy Cross Family Ministries joined in on the idea and helped donate Rosaries to many of our Children's Rosary groups for this May Rosary Initiative.  Recently one of the Children's Rosary group leaders from St. Thomas Becket Parish sent pictures of the children during their preparation.  Next weekend these little ones will be giving out these Rosaries in their parish.  Other Children's Rosary groups are also scheduled to do something similar in their parishes tomorrow.  Other groups shared their Rosaries during various weekends in May.

A very special thank you to all the children who helped make this possible and those who so generously donated supplies, time and gifts to make this happen.

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