Monday, May 5, 2014

EWTN Features Children's Rosary Book

We are so grateful to EWTN for their wonderful support of the Children's Rosary.  Fr. Andrew Apostoli, host of EWTN's Sunday Night Prime, has featured the Children's Rosary on his show which has helped tremendously in spreading this new Apostolate. To view the show click HERE.

The wonderful members of EWTN's Religous Catalogue have also beautifully embraced the Children's Rosary.  They carry both the Spanish and English versions of our Children's Rosary book.

Beginning this winter and extending through the Spring EWTN has featured the Children's Rosary on their half hour catalogue show that airs regularly.  They also have been featuring our book in the Children's Section of their Religious Catalogue.  

The Children's Rosary books are made by the vocational students at the American School for the Deaf so in every way this movement has children in the center.  The book explains step by step how to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group and can also be used by the children in prayer of the Rosary.

For more information about ordering the Children's Rosary book both in English and Spanish click HERE.

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