Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Novena of Thanksgiving

The blessings poured down on the Children's Rosary have been too many to number.

Two weeks ago the Children's Rosary book became available to order at Neumann Press.  Many hands were brought together to make this book a reality.  Yet how did so many find their way to this project?  Many requests went up to Our Lord for assistance with this project and those prayers were answered in such a beautiful way. Those who stepped forward to help were from unlikely sources.  Some gave time and talent who were not even Christian.  The artist who did the custom illustrations for the book gave his time as a mitzvah or good deed.  He is a man of Jewish faith.

The cover illustration of Jesus is a painting done by a Mormon man.  When asked if he would grant permission for the painting to be used for our Children's Rosary book the gentleman asked if I knew he was a Mormon.  I told him I suspected he was from the College he attended, but that it didn't matter to me.  He told me he loves Jesus and I told him I do, too.  He then gave us full permission to use the painting free of charge.

Through Divine Providence a chance meeting with the Archbishop of Hartford brought a wonderful partnership where he agreed to not only write the Preface but also to be the Imprimatur as well.

Over the past several months the Lord has continued to shower blessings by bringing the most wonderful people to the Children's Rosary.  New groups have formed and from them others.  Families and children have come to many different Children's Rosary groups offering Our Lady bouquets of prayers to bring before Our Lord.  Today as we conclude our Novena for the Conclave there was an overwhelming feeling of Thanksgiving to Our Lady for her intercession and Our Lord in His three Persons for granting such graces.  

Today a Novena of Masses was begun.  Nine Masses will be said by the Capuchin missionary priests in Thanksgiving for what we have been given and the graces bestowed upon the Children's Rosary and all its members. One Mass will be said daily from March 9th until March 17th. Please join us in thanking Our Lord during these 9 days for his Mercy and Generosity to us.

Thank you all.

God Bless!

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