Friday, March 15, 2013

Aydan Nyberg

Aydan and his 2 year old sister
 who helped her brother with a bone marrow transplant
Dear Friends,

Jim and Debra , who just started a new Children's Rosary group in Hopkinton MA, have a special request.  They have a friend whose child is in the final stages of cancer and has only been given 2-4 weeks to live(see full story below).  They are going to be offering prayers and fasting today for Aydan.  

During family prayer we read the story of Aydan to our children. They were so moved by such a small person, just around their age, so sick. They have all asked to join in prayers and fasting this Friday.  They will be doing an unlimited bread and water fast (I will be joining them too).  

Initially I reached out to the members of the Children's Rosary through our different group leaders and the response has been so overwhelming.  So many families and children have come forward saying they will join in prayers and fasting today for little Aydan.  

I took Jim's advice and looked up Aydan's story.  As you can see he has an infectious smile and reminds us so much of our own children.  We read that Aydan  battled Rhabdomyosarcoma at age 3.  After successfully being treated for that malignancy he developed leukemia and was treated with a bone marrow transplant from his little 2 year old sister, unfortunately this was unsuccessful.  When I shared Aydan's story with my husband and the types of cancer he has been dealing with my husband looked very worried as he is an oncologist and deals with pediatric cancer on a regular basis.  My husband is Jewish but the thought of this little boy who has battled not one but two nasty cancers brought my husband to a very sad place and he too asked to join the fast and prayers.  Yesterday, after daily Mass I got onto the City bus which I ride to work.  A stop later, Elizabeth a friend I have met riding the bus stepped on.  She immediately said she was in the middle of praying a rosary for Aydan.  She had seen the Children's Rosary email and was praying for Aydan on her way to work.  There was this feeling of such solidarity in this chance meeting with Elizabeth and then seeing the flood of emails from individuals and families all joining together to pray for a little boy and his poor family who are watching their baby slip away.  

May I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for bringing hope and light in the darkness.  Your prayers and love are contagious and to watch such goodness spread gives such hope in the face of such suffering.

Each one of you is such a gift.  Starting Saturday March 9th a Novena of 9 Masses was begun in thanksgiving to Our Lord for all of the blessing that have been poured down upon the Children's Rosary including the blessing of each person who has been brought to the group.  

Thank you again for your generous heart!

If you would like to join in this effort, every prayer is so important as well as even the smallest sacrifice. Thank you all!

Your Grateful Friend in Christ,

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