Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis Invokes the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pope Francis praying
within the St. Mary Major Basilica
During Pope Francis' address following his election as Pope he proclaimed he would be praying to the Madonna "that she may watch over all of Rome."

The following day the new Pope visited the St. Mary Major Basilica where he prayed before a statue of Our Lady for thirty minutes.

Many have spoken about the new Pontiff's devotion to the Blessed Mother.  Today after he finished Mass in St. Peter's Square he stood before a statue of Our Lady and the Baby Jesus and reverently prayed for some time.  Through his quiet gesture he spoke loudly of his trust and faith in the protection of Christ and His Mother.

During the Holy Father's closing blessing at the inaugural Mass today he humbly asked that we pray for him.  The Children's Rosary would like to embrace this request and pray in a special way for Our Holy Father daily especially in our rosaries that he may lead our Church in love.

On this Feast of Saint Joseph may we rejoice in Our Church and the wonderful intercessors we have in Mary and her spouse St. Joseph.

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