Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Will Not Be Outdone In Generosity

Jesus The Good Shepherd
Today after Mass and the Rosary I had a lovely conversation with two friends.  Sean shared a story with us.  Recently he was at a Mass where a missionary priest was asking for donations.  Sean recalled that he had two single dollar bills and a 10 dollar bill.  He thought that the singles were too little and opted to give the ten.

Earlier he was speaking with his daughter and asked her to check the prices of wheel barrels as he was in need of one.  On Sean's walk home he decided to take a slightly different path home and went down a street he rarely ever walks on.  He came upon a pile of discarded items by the side of the road.  He is legally blind but can still make out some shapes sometimes.  He walked right into the pile and two sticks were outstretched that went exactly into his hands.  It was the arms of a wheel barrel.  He brought it home to find it was barely used and in perfect condition.  Sean said he remembered the words he had heard many years earlier "God will not be outdone in generosity" and chuckled to see the Lord reminding him of this beautiful truth.

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