Friday, July 6, 2012

The Children's Rosary on San Juan Island

 St. Francis Church built in 1884
I just received the most wonderful news from Caitlin, one of the early members of the children's rosary.   She moved to San Juan Island some months ago.  We are in contact almost daily as she updates our list of novenas completed or in progress on the Blog.  Caitlin left her home in Connecticut with a vocation in her heart.  She spent some time on Shaw Island in a monastic internship.  Like many who pursue vocations the road isn't always easy or straight.  However, Caitlin has a resilient spirit and a beautiful devotion to Our Lady and the Holy Rosary.  Caitlin is living on San Juan Island and has met so many beautiful families.  There is a strong devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Island.  

Caitlin shared with me tonight that she is trying to begin a children's rosary on the Island at St. Francis of Assisi Parish.  

The Lord has such a beautiful plan.  I must continue to remind myself that He knows we are small and weak.  He knows we need His help to carry out His plans.  

When members of the children's rosary began moving away, there was a moment of sadness and worry of how would we hold together as a group with our most regular members leaving.  However,  I now see that the Lord was not trying to break up our Group but extend it to distant places. I had never heard of the Islands in the Pacific off the coast of Washington State USA but after seeing pictures I realize it is one of the most beautiful places one can live.

If you would be interested in joining the children's rosary on San Juan Island or know anyone who might be interested contact either myself(  or Caitlin (  Thank you all for your prayers because this is another fruit of the many prayers being said.  May I humbly ask you to keep Caitlin in your prayers as she reaches out to families in the Parish and the area to form a children's rosary.

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