Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Blossom of Love from Our Lady

One of the first blossoms to open on Our Lady's Rose
The children's Rosary gave a gift to Our Lady on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.  We planted a peace Rose outside the chapel of St. Thomas Apostle Church in West Hartford CT.  Many prayed including the children that with each petal that forms on the rose that 1,000 families would begin family prayer.  We also prayed that the rose would bloom continually.  The rose was planted at the end of our children's rosary on May 11th.  Within a few weeks 5 blossoms were visible and 5 lovely rose blooms opened to reveal creamy colored petals with a touch of pink.  After those flowers past three more followed.  The first two were yellow in color. One was a pale yellow and the other was a deep orangey yellow.  The two yellow roses had no pink visible on the petals. Many commented that it was strange to see such different colors emerging from the same rose.  This past Tuesday after Mass I noticed this be the final rose of the three opened to reveal a pale colored rose with clear pink petals.  It appeared to have been open for a day or two.  It had not been open on Friday so the window when it would have opened lies around the Feast of John the Baptist.

I wish I had pictures of the yellow roses but with my disability with my hands I carry almost nothing with me.  I do not use a cell phone and can't manipulate a camera with my hands.  However, when this pink rose opened I asked my husband if he would go to the Church Tuesday with us and take a picture.  Our two boys came too and our youngest Asher helped hold it up.  The children and I noticed that more buds are forming.  It is hard to comprehend the number of families that each rose represents.  As this rose was a gift from the Children's Rosary and Jesus to His Mother on Her Feast and also Mother's Day here in the US, we believe in our heart that the Lord is granting us this request to honor His beloved Mother.  As this rose now belongs to Our Lady the Roses that appear are Our Lady's blossoms. The beautiful assortment of colors that emerge from this one rose speak to the vast beauty of Our Lady and the Love she has for each one of us.

We join our hearts with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and ask that prayer, peace and love bloom in each one of us.  
Most recent blossom which opened around the Feast of John the Baptist

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