Sunday, May 17, 2020

Deeply Rooted

On Friday May 15th, the Feast of St. Isidore the farmer, we decided to harvest one of the parsnips from our garden. When my daughter tried to pull it up, the lush green top ripped off. Apparently this parsnip wasn't going to come out easily. She then began digging around the edge of the root. She is very strong and despite all her pulling it still would not come out. She began using a stick to loosen the soil and with her fingers excavated around the root. This process when on for some time. Eventually the root came out. It was impressive. The root was about 10 inches long. My husband thought this one root would be enough for 5 of us to have with our dinner tonight. 

In reflecting on this parsnip, there are some interesting things to consider. If one were to plant a parsnip in the late spring which is usually when farmers plant parsnips the plants have warm weather to grow and when harvest comes they are easy to harvest and not nearly as long as the one my daughter pulled out last Friday. So what is the difference? Well, this parsnip began growing last season, most likely in the fall. It survived a cold winter and set down deep roots. As with most plants that are able to survive the winter, such as kale, as soon as the weather turns warm they shoot up and try to make seeds. They do not waste any time. 

In many ways one could see how suffering has a similar effect on us and our faith. When we have been tested and come through challenges we are more deeply rooted. We also value time and want to pass on that faith in a special way. We do not put off passing on that faith to our children but set to work right away.  When our roots are deep many things may try to push against us and uproot us but this is not so easy. Many may be suffering during these times of the Coronavirus pandemic but what effect has on the roots of our faith? 

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