Sunday, May 3, 2020

Seeds Going Out

Today my daughter took a picture of this dandelion pictured above. These plants grow as weeds in our region. Adults work hard to get them out of their yards. When a flower has gone to seed such as the one in the photograph, most adults quickly grab these heads before any of the seeds are blown away. One good burst of wind and the weeds can be sent throughout the yard and beyond depending on how strong the wind is blowing. Yet, kids love to pick these seed heads and blow them to the dismay of their parents. But today my daughter seemed to find a beauty in these dandelions and began taking pictures of them. We were on our way to meet Fr. Richard Okiria. He was coming to pick up a barrel packed with over 7,000 rosaries, almost all handmade, that will be sent via a cargo ship to Uganda. These rosaries will be given to Children's Rosary groups. When the ship leaves it will carry four barrels from the Children's Rosary with over 25,000 rosaries combined. As we walked back from meeting Fr. Richard, my daughter mentioned that the seeds that had been on the dandelion were now all gone. It seemed a beautiful way to imagine the rosaries that were now being driven away by Fr. Richard Okiria. We never know exactly how long it will take for them to get to their destination. With the pandemic there is even more uncertainty. Yet seeds were going out into to the world. Little hearts wait for them. These rosaries are for children. It gives one great hope to think of all Our Lady can do with so many rosaries and so many children, who by the grace of God, will use them to pray the Rosary. 
Photo above includes Fr. Richard Okiria in the center.

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