Wednesday, May 13, 2020

How to Plan a Home Marian Procession

Watch our new Children's Rosary video explaining how to plan a Home Marian Procession by clicking on the link HERE.

The following are the 4 basic steps to holding a Home Marian Procession:
1) A statue or picture of Our Blessed Mother is carried to each room of the home. 
2) A Marian hymn can be played or sung during the Procession.
3) There is the optional use of holy water that can be sprinkled through the house as one processes. Members of the family can also carry candles.
4) After each room is visited, Our Lady can be brought to where the procession was begun. At this point the family can say prayers such as the Rosary. One may even consider crowning Our Lady with a crown of fresh flowers especially if the procession is held during the month of May. 

Consider holding a Marian Procession during the month of May which is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. It is also a wonderful tradition to hold a monthly Marian procession with your children. Choose a Marian feast each month and have the youngest person in the family help lead the Procession. Customize it according to your family. To help enjoy the feast, bake some muffins or a dessert. This is always a welcome addition to enjoy after the procession with your children. 

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