Saturday, May 30, 2020

Happy Feast of Bl. Marta Wiecka

May 30th is the Feast of Bl. Marta Wiecka. She has been a great intercessor for the Children's Rosary. We are blessed to have a relic of Bl. Wiecka. Today in a special way, I have asked for her intercession for all those who are involved with and help the Children's Rosary. 

Bl. Marta Wiecka lived between 1874 and 1904. She was a sister of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. She was the third of thirteen children and was born on January 12th in Nowy Wieck Poland. Marta was a helpful and prayerful child. She entered the convent on April 26th 1892 and her first mission was to work in a hospital. She was known for her love of her patients. During her work in Sniatyn, she became aware that a young nurse who was also a father had been assigned to disinfecting the room of someone with highly contagious Typhoid fever. She understood that the young nurse was fearful to clean the room. Sister Wiecka offered to take the young man's place and clean the room. As a result, she became sick with Typhoid fever and died on May 30th 1904.

Bl Wiecka is known for her patronage of Nursing. 
Bl. Wiecka pray for us!

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