Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mass Offered for Seminarians on April 1st 2020

A Mass was offered on April 1st 2020 for all seminarians that they will grow in holiness and lead us all in love. Every month we have a Mass offered for this intention. As our seminarians will be the future shepherds and our children are the future flock, it seemed a beautiful way for the children to help. 

We have been periodically featuring different seminarians on the first of the month by inviting them to share something of themselves - a beautiful sharing of faith and love of Our Lord. We will be featuring Santiago Gabriaguez. He is a seminarian from San Lorenzo, Paraguay

I am Santiago Gabriaguez Ojeda, I am 20 years old, and I am from San Lorenzo, Paraguay. I am a seminarian of the Congregación Rogacionista de Corazón de Jesús, and I now am in the second year of philosophy. 

I felt my vocation from when I was very little, I always attended Mass and said, "I want to be like the Father that leads the Mass." This restlessness I conveyed to the Parish Priest and there he presented me with the figure of our founder, Saint Anibal as a model to follow in following Jesus. I began to be an altar server at the tender age of 6, since then I have never separated from this beautiful service on the altar. At the age of 11 I began to carry out the vocational experience in the seminary until I finished High School in 2017. I entered the Congregation in 2018. 

I want to be a religious serving the Church in the priesthood. I want to be a worker of the harvest closest to my town, bringing the Gospel wherever it is necessary, to serve and educate, to show the love of God in forgiveness and relive each day the sacrifice of the cross. 
I count on your prayers.

Send, Lord, Holy Apostles to your Church!

Santiago Gabriaguez O.
Seminarista Rogacionista

We are very excited that Santiago Gabriaguez Ojeda reached out to us with an interest in spreading the Children's Rosary in his native country of Paraguay. We recently sent him a box of rosaries and Children's Rosary materials, which successfully arrived.

We humbly ask that you please keep Santiago Gabriaguez Ojeda in your prayers.

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