Friday, April 10, 2020

Keeping Vigil

Two years ago, toward the end of Holy Thursday Mass I began to feel sick. As we prayed in our lower chapel after Mass I could feel something coming on. I went to bed that night and by the following morning I knew I had the flu. As I have many joint problems due to an inherited disability, my doctor had given me a prescription for an antiviral medication at the beginning of the flu season. He told me if I were to come down with a fever and body aches to start taking it. He was concerned that with lots of coughing with the flu, I might dislocate joints due to my severe joint instability. The key I was told is to start the medication at the first sign of symptoms.

The symptoms my doctor had mentioned now matched so I took the medication. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the medication and by noon I was throwing up. Unable to lie down with the vomiting, I sat in our prayer room before a cross. From noon until 3PM I was there with fever, aches and vomiting. My youngest son saw me suffering. He came to me wanting to help. The only thing that helped at all was to have him sit quietly without talking next to me. Having his presence next to me made all the difference. We lit two candles next to each other. We were keeping vigil through Our Lord's Passion. In a special way, Our Lord gave us a window into His suffering that day. It helped us to understand how important it was that Our Lord had Mary and the Apostle John with Him. It also helped us to understand why holding quiet vigil with Our Lord has so much value. 

The experience was such an important one we have kept the two little plates in our prayer room that held the candles we burned that day. The last bits of wax are still present. These are reminders. Today I humbly invite those sick with the Coronavirus and those still healthy to hold vigil. Do not underestimate the importance of being present, quiet with Our Lord.

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