Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Novena of Thanksgiving Comes to a Close

Tomorrow will conclude our 9 day Novena of Masses in thanksgiving. This is something we do every year following the Anniversary of the Children's Rosary on April 10th. Leading up to the anniversary on April 10th a 9 day Novena of Masses was completed for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary.

The novena of Thanksgiving is always a very special part of the 18 days of Masses. It helps to center oneself in a spirit of simplicity and trust. In thanking God we acknowledge that He is in control and knows the best for us. He gives what we need. Our role is to trust in His Providence. A priest once shared some advice with me early when the Children's Rosary began. He advised to not get out ahead of the Spirit but be ready when the Holy Spirit opens the door. Thinking of his words we try to always allow God to lead us. In this way we can glorify God as all is unfolding according to His Will and not our own. There are things we would like to see happen but God knows the best of it. Today we woke up to a surprise. There was a layer of clean white snow outside. This winter we saw very little snow and to have so much fall in April was a surprise. Yet as I was reflecting on prior years when we had this novena I was reminded that we also had snowfalls during the days of the novena. 

My mother has always said of snow that it is the poor man's fertilizer. It helps the plants through the winter. More snow is a good thing for the following years growing season and harvest. Perhaps one could see this snow as a signal grace. Our days of prayer and especially those of thanksgiving help us to cultivate spiritual fruits in our soul. Tomorrow is the last day of Masses. Four Masses will be celebrated in Thanksgiving. May we unify our prayers with those Masses and take some moments to thank God for the many blessings he has given not only to the Children's Rosary but to each of us. No matter what trial we may be under right now with the Coronavirus, one can always find blessings in each moment. 

Thank you God. 
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