Wednesday, August 22, 2018

WMOF Dublin

Dear Friends,
Today was the first day of the World Meeting of Families (WMOF). The booths opened at 8AM at the exhibit hall and did not close until 8AM. We met many wonderful pilgrims throughout the day. We have been able to begin our day attending Mass at 7:30AM at the Poor Clare's Chapel. Earlier this week we were able to meet Sr. Brigid one of the nuns at the Monastery. She gave us permission to put our our Children's Rosary bookmarks at the chapel. As they have Adoration during the day there are many coming in and out. We have attached a picture of the monastery. It is very beautiful.

Keeping you all in prayer.
More to come this week....

Your Friend in Christ,

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  1. Wonderful event...would it not be a great miracle if we had "media" coverage on this beautiful,positive event...celebrating family and love and all the good things in the world. There will always be sadness and suffering in our lives and in the world. Human nature being what it is. However, we must take opportunities like these to celebrate Our Lord and His Great Love. With the Grace of Humility, we live everyday, God Willing, Love Our Children's Rosary Programming as well.