Friday, August 24, 2018

Days of Blessings at the WMOF

One of my children took these pictures from the balcony at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin. Our Children's Rosary booth is behind the orange arrow that at a distance looks like a cross. One can see from the pictures there were many many pilgrims walking through. 

They recorded so far 37,000 pilgrims have gone through over the 3 days. The booths opened at 8AM and closed at 8PM. We met so many wonderful families and priests over the days. 

Many Children's Rosary books were given away. Many shared their hope to begin Children's Rosary groups in their parishes and schools. Pray with us that these seeds take root. Asher helped me at the booth all three days answering questions especially to the pilgrims who spoke only Spanish. The picture above was a family living in England who are originally from Uganda. They will be traveling back to Uganda on September 6th 2018. We gave them Children's Rosary books and Rosaries to help them initiate a Children's Rosary in their village in Uganda. 

We were able to visit with our good friend Mons. Fuentes the Bishop of Minas, Uruguay. He has been helping to promote the Children's Rosary in his home Diocese and has a Children's Rosary at the Cathedral Parish in Minas. We are most grateful for his help and prayers.  
Tomorrow Pope Francis will arrive in Ireland. We welcome him. 

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