Thursday, August 9, 2018

How Many Rosaries Do you Think will Fit in this Barrel?

The Children's Rosary received a gift. A Ugandan priest from our parish is helping us to send a large container to Uganda. While the Children's Rosary will cover the cost of the shipping the wonderful priest from our parish is helping to arrange transportation of the container to the point of departure from Connecticut. Given a disability that prevents me from driving, arranging such a thing without his help would not be possible. 

We are so excited to fill this barrel. It feels like Christmas time. We will be donating Children's Rosary books and lots and lots of Rosaries for the children in Uganda. There are many new groups forming in Uganda and the groups that are already meeting continue to grow. This barrel which we hope to fill to the brim, will help to put a Rosary in the hands of many children and also provide Children's Rosary books which are the seeds for new groups. Packing of the barrel will happen this week and we hope to share more pictures of the process.  We hope to answer the question of how many Rosaries will fit in this barrel.  Any guesses?

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