Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Week of Blessings at the CMN Trade Show in Lancaster

The CMN trade show came to a close on Friday. This wrapped up a week visit to Lancaster Pennsylvania. The picture above was taken at our Children's Rosary booth. We are extremely grateful to the Gasse family for helping us with the Children's Rosary at the trade show. The children beautifully led a Children's Rosary on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Trade Show. The Gasse children left on Friday to return to Connecticut where they led their monthly Children's Rosary at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception today in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

This week was full of blessings and surprises. One of the most wonderful surprises was meeting the Children's Rosary group leader of San Juan Bautista Parish in Lancaster. This meeting was providential as we were praying in Adoration at this Church on Friday when the group leader entered. Seeing our shirts she came up to us and we had the most glorious meeting. We had not realized that a Children's Rosary group existed at this parish when we first came to Lancaster. Although the group was registered I had not made the connection while we were there. Yet, Our Lord makes up for our failings and even though I did not remember God supplied. The opportunity to meet this group leader was not lost. God saw to this. We were overjoyed to meet and Asher was able to speak to her in Spanish which was also a blessing. 

We are most grateful for all the prayers this week for the trip. You all were in our prayers as well. 

Some may notice the addition of Children's Rosary T-Shirts in these pictures. We are so excited to have new official Children's Rosary shirts! In the coming weeks, we will be releasing information on how to order shirts. This week we wore the Children's Rosary shirts each day of the conference. There is something very special about wearing an image of Our Lady. We not only wore the shirts at the trade show but also walking all around town. The reaction to the shirts was always positive. We found many people smiling when they saw us. Indeed, it was a blessed week with many little seeds of the Children's Rosary given away. We do not know what these will yield but we pray and trust in God.

We thank God for the many graces and blessings that came this week.

We also wish you all a most blessed Feast of St. Jean Marie Vianney.

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