Saturday, November 11, 2017

We Arrive in Mexico!

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Mexico. We made our way from the airport to a taxi which we took to the hotel. Sitting in the van I looked forward to see the Cross pictured above hanging next to the steering wheel. It seemed Our Lady of Guadalupe was here to show us Her country. The driver then shared about his devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and the special processions that will occur here in December during Her Feast. We began to talk about our visit and the many Rosaries we brought with us. He asked how much do the Rosaries cost? He wanted to buy two for his little girls. We said they are free. He was very excited. He shared that he prays every night with his children. 

It had been raining very hard when we arrived in Mexico but as we pulled up to where we were staying the sky was clearing and we were able to open our luggage and give him four handmade Rosaries. We again thank all those who have been making Rosaries and sending them to the Children's Rosary. We know they were made with love and we feel blessed to be able to share them on this trip. There is more to share from today's visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish where we held a Children's Rosary.  More to come..... 

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  1. Beautiful story, praying for you and your family.

  2. What a wonderful greeting! I'm glad you arrived safely.

  3. My family and I live in Mexico City and I just discovered your website this morning, the morning after you arrived here! I left you a voice message and will also email you. I hope we can meet you and your family!