Thursday, November 23, 2017

An Unfortunate Event Creates an Opportunity for a Beautiful Act of Kindness

A couple of month ago a package arrived. From its outward appearance it had been through something...and it wasn't good. It was a large box with many handmade rosaries addressed to the Children's Rosary. As my daughter and I went through the package there was a note from the post office apologizing that some of the contents had been damaged. It appeared that the box had come open at the post office and some of the rosaries had come out of the box and possibly fallen into the machinery. As we went through things we found bags of Rosaries in perfect condition but then other rosaries which appeared to have some black grease from the machines on them.  My daughter went to work soaking the rosaries and trying to clean them. The weather was still warm at that time and we laid them out in the sun to dry. Yet still when we looked at them they were not completely clean.

Shortly after receiving the Rosaries I was at a physical therapy appointment, something I do each week, to treat my joint disability. While I was talking to my physical therapist who is Jewish, I mentioned the package and the damaged rosaries. It was sad to think of so many who had put love and time into making these handmade rosaries for the children. Yet in their present condition I felt they could not be sent out. Unexpectedly, my physical therapist asked if she could try to clean them. She is a an extremely clever and resourceful person. After raising three children and now helping with seven grandchildren she has had many experiences over the years and had some ideas of what she could try.

We gathered all the rosaries and gave them to her. Good news came with a picture. See above. She was very excited to show the rosaries to me at my next appointment. It surely had taken great time and work with a scrub brush to remove the grease. We were able to take some of the Rosaries she cleaned with us to Mexico on our trip last week. She was very happy to hear we brought some of the ones she cleaned with us to share with the children.

As today we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, I wanted to share this little story. An act of kindness from a person who might easily have let the moment pass by to help. Yet she did not. She took an unfortunate event and made it a moment to be grateful for because of the love she shared for both those who had given of their time to make the rosaries and also for the children who would find joy from receiving them.

A special thank you to all who so kindly help and support the Children's Rosary. May God bless you and your families.

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