Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Cancún, Mexico

On Saturday November 11th, we were able to visit the Children's Rosary at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Cancún, Mexico.  We were greeted by Veronica the group leader. She introduced us to Father Salomon the Pastor. All were so kind and welcoming to us.We are grateful to Fr. Salomon for his support of this group in his Parish. We humbly brought handmade rosaries to share with the children. Accompanied by the Guzman Alejandro the Catechist in charge, we had the opportunity to visit all the catechism classes in session that morning. Asher who is fluent in Spanish, explained to the classes about the Children's Rosary, showing them pictures of some of the groups around the world (see picture below). We began with the little children only age 6 and progressed to the older classes. Alina and Kostin took turns handing out the Rosaries. I enjoyed asking the children their names as they came forward and also seeing which of the handmade rosaries they wanted to pick for their own. 

At 11 AM we met back in the main Church for the Children's Rosary. Veronica had brought fresh roses to place before Our Lady. Different children took turns placing them at the end of the decades.Veronica took such care to make sure everything was done beautifully for Our Lady. One could see her deep devotion and love of Our Blessed Mother.

The children prayed the Rosary in Spanish. We were very excited to pray with them. Over the years the children and I have gone through periods of time when we try to pray the Rosary in Spanish. I imagined early on that there might be a time when we would be with children who only spoke Spanish and knowing the prayers would be important. So it was with joy that I was able to see my own children praying the Rosary in Spanish with those of this group in Mexico. Asher was able to lead the first few prayers of the Rosary and other children took turns leading the decades. We were also joined by Seminarian Luis Olán pictured above praying along with the children in one of the pews. He is assigned to this parish and was very interested in helping the Children's Rosary group and also sharing this prayer group movement with his fellow seminarians. We are very grateful for his help.

The picture below is Veronica the group leader with our family. We hope to do an additional post about the visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Church when we return to the United States and have access to more of the pictures we took. A special thank you to all those at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Cancún who so warmly welcomed us. We also thank Our Lord and Our Lady for such a blessing.

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