Wednesday, November 29, 2017

9 Days and 9 Ways to Get Involved and Help the Children's Rosary: Day 2

Beginning yesterday and for the next 9 Days we will be highlighting ways people can get involved and help the Children's Rosary. For those unfamiliar with the Children's Rosary,  the Children's Rosary is a prayer group movement for children. It is an effort to begin in parishes, schools and orphanages Rosary prayer groups composed of children. These groups meet regularly to pray a Rosary as a prayer group. Some groups meet monthly, weekly or in some places daily. The children in the groups traditionally range in age from 4-14. But any child with an interest to attend should not be turned away especially those with disabilities who may be older. Children younger then 4 can also attend. More and more there is an appreciation of the benefit young children can receive from praying and seeing other children praying at a very tender age.

Today we would like to invite those able to provide a financial donation. The Children's Rosary continues only through the generosity of people like yourself. We try to do a great deal with a very little. We would like to share with you how your donation can make a difference:

A donation of $25.00 helps us share enough materials for a new small Children’s Rosary group to form in the United States.
A donation of $50.00 helps us send enough materials for a small Children’s Rosary group to begin in a foreign country.
As requests internationally are usually for large groups, $125.00 allows us to send enough materials for 75 Children to have enough materials to begin a group and each child to have a Rosary.
Smaller donations of $5-$20.00 allow us to put together a missionary package to hand deliver to a person traveling to a distant area of the world to help begin Children’s Rosary groups.

Larger donations of $1,000 or more help us meet the demands of materials from missionary outposts where 15-20 new groups are requesting materials.

We also have some exciting projects planned for next year. One is the completion of our Portuguese translation of the Children's Rosary book. We have already begun sending Rosaries to Brazil at the request of a Pastor who would like to begin a Children's Rosary in his main parish and 15 outposts of the parish. The Parish is hoping we can get them the Children's Rosary book in Portuguese. We would love to complete this project in 2018! Donations will help us make this a reality and through this translation allow us to reach more children.

The picture above are some of the materials that were carried to Russia this past spring with hopes to begin a Children's Rosary in Magadan. Through donations we have been able to keep supplying materials and covering the cost of shipping these items all across the globe. 

The fruits of these efforts are bountiful. The group meeting pictured above is our new Children's Rosary group at Nativity of Jesus Parish in Magadan, Russia. The children there were the ones who received the Rosaries and books we sent last spring. The little seeds planted are bearing fruits. We have sent packages with Children's Rosary materials this year to the following countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama, Tanzania, Kenya, Australia, and  throughout the United States.

If you would like to help these efforts and become part of the tapestry of the Children's Rosary donations can be sent to: 

Children's Rosary 
PO Box 271743 
West Hartford, CT 06127 USA
or electronically HERE
Checks can be made out to: Children's Rosary Inc.

Thank you for your generosity which helps us keep reaching more children. Please know that we are praying for you.

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