Saturday, December 24, 2016

Come on a Journey with Us

Looking at this ally way in Pakistan one can image the Holy Family walking with their donkey...knocking on doors. This is the scene tonight on Christmas eve in Pakistan.  Let us go village to village and see the little towns. Where are the children?  You will see....

They are kneeling at cribs celebrating the birth of Our Lord. They have been waiting patiently in prayer for weeks and now they can meet Our Lord. 

They can celebrate Christmas! Different Children's Rosary groups each make it special in their own way.  

There is dancing and many from the town gathering to celebrate with the children. They place large pieces of ornate fabric to create a roof in their Church that does not have one. The people here understand the desire to have a roof over ones head just as the Holy Family was trying to find a place to rest on Christmas eve.
The journey continues into the late night.  More roads to cover to see more children. Our last stop tonight is Ashraf town. It seems the little angels are gathering together. See the little girl on the right with her angel wings.   
We will be sharing more pictures in the coming days.

Thank you all!

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