Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What About You?

Marianne age 6, a member of the
Children's Rosary at the WMOF
This past week members of the Children's Rosary attended the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) in Philadelphia.  Nine children made the trip.  In between the beautiful Masses and our visits to Adoration the children helped answer questions at our Children's Rosary booth and circulated around the convention center handing out Children's Rosary bookmarks and telling people about the Children's Rosary prayer group movement.  Little Marianne, only 6 years old, seemed to be one of the most enthusiastic of the children.  She had a big smile across her face as she went around with her older siblings handing out bookmarks.   In thinking about the words Pope Francis repeated over and over again during the Saturday Papal Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul, "What about you? What are you going to do?",  I could not help but think of the children.  Pope Francis was repeating the words Pope Leo XIII had spoken to the young Katharine Drexel at their meeting.  These words changed her life. 

On Saturday the Holy Father was addressing both religious and laity and their role in the Church. The Holy Father went on to say:

"First, those words-"What about you?"- were addressed to a young person, a young women with high ideals, and they changed her life.  They made her think of the immense work that had to be done, and to realize that she was being called to do her part.  How many young people in our parishes and schools have the same high ideals, generosity of spirit, and love for Christ and the Church!  Do we challenge them? Do we make space for them and help them to do their part? To find ways of sharing their enthusiasm and gifts with our communities, above all in works of mercy and concern for others? Do we share our own joy and enthusiasm in serving the Lord?"  In thinking about these words I couldn't help but think of these words falling on the hearts of these children.  In so many ways their hearts are open to such a call.  They have joy and a readiness to share their love of Our Lord.  Seeing the children praying and also inviting other children to participate in the Children's Rosary, one can see the important role these little ones have in the future of Our Church.  So often we marveled how receptive people were to hear about the Children's Rosary as the invitation came from a tiny person.  I thought also of the members of the Children's Rosary both in the United States and also in far areas such as Pakistan where the children pray together both in the Church but also out with the poor and sick.  The children blossom when give such an opportunity to come together to pray and give glory to God.  

It would also seem that the Lord smiles upon these little ones helping Him in the field.  Little Marianne was so delighted to meet a "Swiss Guard" in costume as she was walking around sharing information about the Children's Rosary.  Such small gifts mean so much to the children and it would seem Our Lord was very generous with them.  

Our Holy Father asked us to "make space" for the young to do their part.  The Children's Rosary honors this request and seeks to give our children such support in their prayer lives and also a means to make a difference in the Church Universal.  

It is my humble hope that many will see this challenge from Our Holy Father as an invitation to help our young people and support them in their prayer lives.  

For more information about beginning a Children's Rosary in your parish click HERE.

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