Friday, September 18, 2015

The Children Reach Out to Pope Francis

The picture above of Pope Francis was drawn by Alina Kaufman one of the children who is part of the Children's Rosary.  Pope Francis has always made it a priority to reach out to children where ever he goes.  In a special way, the children of the Children's Rosary would like to reach out to him and welcome him to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.  They have been praying for him in their Children's Rosary prayer groups around the world.  Now nine children will be traveling to Philadelphia from the Children's Rosary.  In the spirit of Pope Francis they will be evangelizing through love and joy.  

The children will be staffing our Children's Rosary booth at the World Meeting of Families.  They will be talking about all of you and inviting others to begin Children's Rosary groups.   The children plan to stay for the week long meeting and also attend the outdoor Papal Mass although we will most likely be very far back in the crowds. I will also be accompanying the children this week.  Due to my joint disability that results in severe joint dislocations if I am bumped, the prospect of so many people is a bit daunting. So I ask for your prayers for all of us that we may be safe and that many beautiful blessings will come for the Children's Rosary.  

Thank you all and please know we will be carrying you all in our heart and praying for you.

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