Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going Out To Pray With the Poor

The Children's Rosary groups continues to grow in Pakistan with a second Children's Rosary group in St. Joseph Church in Ashraf Town.  This group meets daily. The children of this group felt moved to not only meet and pray in the Church but also to go out and pray with the sick and also the poor families.  As they go out each day to pray with a different family they share the very little they have giving away the rosaries that have been shared with them.  The group leader has told us that these families are so grateful for the rosaries.  The children check in with the families they have prayed with and they find the families are continuing to say the Rosary daily.  The children are slowly transforming this town with their prayers and the joy and comfort they bring. 
The picture above is of an older man whom the children prayed with one afternoon.  The children all gathered before him kneeling together to pray. 
The Children's Rosary in Pakistan is a beautiful unfolding story.  Please see how it all began and continues to spread.

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