Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sowing Seeds in Nigeria

There is beautiful news to share.  Following the airing of the Sunday Night Prime show a Dominican Sister contacted the Children's Rosary.  She had seen the EWTN program featuring the Children's Rosary.  She was so full of love for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.  She was calling from Missouri USA as she was completing Masters studies and also shared that she would be traveling to her home country of Nigeria in a week.  Her hope was to carry our Children's Rosary materials and share them in parishes in Nigeria.  While we have a large Children's Rosary in Lagos, Nigeria she explained she would be traveling to different regions of the country.  With the date of her departure only a week away, the children set to work.  They packed a large box full of 200 Children's Rosary books and over 50 Rosaries plus our Children's Rosary CDs. We were also able to have the contents of the box blessed by a priest before Alina age 14 carried the box to our post office to mail off.  Indeed the children help with every part of the Children's Rosary and are excited to help bring more and more children together in prayer.  It is beautiful how Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother help us to see how small our world truly is and how through prayer and love we can reach a great many people.
Children's Rosary in Lagos

In a special way we ask for your prayers that each of these little Children's Rosary books headed for Nigeria will be a seed to begin a new Children's Rosary prayer group.

We hope in the coming weeks to share the new groups that are taking root and forming throughout the United States and the world.

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  1. My friend is going home to Nigeria after Christmas with as many rosaries as I can get together for him. Every rosary now I add the recitation "Boko Haram is gone!" 3x like the bishop described in his vision.