Monday, May 4, 2015

EWTN Interview: "Let the Children Come To Me"

On Sunday May 3rd there was an interview with Fr. Andrew Apostoli about the Children's Rosary entitled "Let the Children Come to Me".  If you missed the show it can be watched by clicking on the link below. 
We are very grateful for all who have reached out to the Children's Rosary as a result of this interview.  You are an answer to a great many prayers of the children.  
Link to Watch the EWTN Video

Just before the show aired on Sunday night the Children's Rosary group leader, Valerie, from Naples Florida was able to stop by for a visit.  The family had traveled 24 hours by car to attend the Confirmation of a dear friend and also a fellow member of the Children's Rosary.  We were blessed to have Valerie, her husband and four children come by for a visit. This was my second time seeing Valerie in person but our children had never met. Yet they had the bond of each being members of the Children's Rosary.  As the sun was going down, the children were able to play outside.  A beautiful full moon shown and illuminated the sky.  At 8PM ET, the time of the first airing of Sunday Night Prime in the United States, all the children gathered round and knelt together.  We prayed that the Holy Spirit would work through this show to reach a great many people all for the Glory of God.  

Today we received this picture.  It is from the Children's Rosary group in Naples Florida USA.  The group had met in Valeries absence this past Saturday and sent along this photo taken at the end of the Rosary. Indeed it is these children and the many that meet in Children's Rosary groups throughout the world that we reach out to you.  Please help this prayer group movement continue to spread to Parishes throughout the world.  We thank you for your efforts.  Please be assured we are praying for you.  As Father Andrew Apostoli said of the Children's Rosary in an earlier interview,  "If we do not plant seeds now there will be no harvest later".

Thank you all and God bless.

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