Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bringing Our Children to Prayer

Recently a pastor in a parish where we have a Children's Rosary group shared with me a story about his nephew.  He said that several years ago when his nephew was around 21 years old he was at a concert with some friends.  The key to the car got stuck in the lock to the car.  The kids became a bit panicked as they were afraid the key might break and they would be stuck there.  It was then that his nephew, David, suggested that they all say a Hail Mary which they did.  The key ultimately loosened and the emergency was averted.  This pastor commented to me that the reason his nephew thought to pray and felt comfortable praying in the presence of his friends did not come from his experiences as a 20 year old but rather the experiences of prayer he had when he was seven.  
Indeed those early experiences with prayer are formative for a lifetime.  But how do we bring our children to prayer or those dear to us such as friends or grandchildren?  One such place is a Children's Rosary prayer group. There are so few places that children today can come together to pray with other children and have other children pray for them.  For many children this grounding in prayer and fostering of love for Our Lord and their Heavenly Mother will serve to help them for a lifetime. 
How can one become involved:

1) Join a local Children's Rosary prayer group. See our current list of locations.
2) Begin a Children's Rosary prayer group if there isn't one at your parish.  For step by step instruction of how to begin a group click HERE 
3) Share information about a Children's Rosary prayer group with your family, friends and parish (such as purchasing a 10 pack of our Children's Rosary prayer books that explain how to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group and and can be used in prayer of the Rosary)
4) Financially contribute to the Children's Rosary to help us reach more children.  See how we use these funds HERE.  
5) Sign up for our newsletter on the right margin of this website.  Our newsletters share the beautiful blessings that are coming through the prayers of so many children and share upcoming events.

Let us know if you are trying to begin a new Children's Rosary group.  Contact:

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