Thursday, April 30, 2015

Upcoming EWTN Interview About the Children's Rosary

Dear Friends,

There is good news to share tonight.  As many of you know we completed our Anniversary Novena of Masses on April 22nd.  This was the culmination of 18 days of Masses: the first 9 were for the Fulfillment of Our Lady followed by 9 days of Masses in thanksgiving. Fifty five Masses were said over these 19 days.  News came as we were completing our novena: a license agreement from EWTN requesting permission to air our new Children’s Rosary videos on their global network.  This includes our new English and Spanish series which in the coming months will be part of their regular monthly programming.  The following day news came that our Sunday Night Prime interview on EWTN about the Children’s Rosary was chosen to kick off the month of May.  The air date chosen was Sunday May 3rd.  These beautiful gifts are in many ways a door opening and a strong wind blowing through it.  Indeed these are opportunities to reach a great many people both to help spread the Children’s Rosary and also to provide hope to those that wonder what our future holds.  Indeed our future is bright.  There is a wave of prayers stirring amongst our young people.  They are coming together in prayer of the Rosary a prayer we are told is extremely powerful.  This assurance of its strength has been echoed through our Church fathers for centuries.  

This interview this Sunday on EWTN is a glimpse into the gifts so many of you have given to this prayer group movement. The sacrifice and faithfulness to prayer.  The generosity to help us continue to reach out and help more and more children have an invitation to meet with other children in prayer.  Indeed so many have given of themselves and their talents to bring such an effort to the world that others might also find a home in this prayer group movement.  Please consider tuning in this Sunday.  Highlights will include our new Children’s Rosary video, clips from our new Video series in both English and Spanish,  stories and efforts of our groups throughout the world.  Tonight on this eve of the Feast of St. Joseph and the beginning of the beautiful month of May dedicated to Our Lady may we all find joy in seeing the bountiful gifts that are being showered down on the children and all we are hoping to accomplish.  Thank you all and God Bless!

Here is the schedule of airings for the upcoming Sunday Night Prime show entitled “Let the Children Come to Me.” 

Sunday Night Prime 

Sunday May 3rd 8PM Eastern
Monday May 4th 2AM Eastern
Monday May 4th 9:00AM Eastern

May 4th Monday 4AM Sydney Time
May4th Monday 12PM Sydney Time
May 8th Friday 4PM Sydney Time

May 4th Monday 1AM Manila Time
May 4th Monday 9AM Manila Time
May 8th Friday 1PM Manila Time

May 3rd Sunday 22:00 (IST) /16:30 (GMT)
May 4th Monday 4:40 (IST) /23:00 (GMT)
May 7th Thursday 11:00 (IST) /5:30 (GMT)
May 8th Friday 5:30 (GMT)
May 9th Saturday 1:30 (IST)

May 3rd Sunday 22:00 Rome & Berlin Time
May 4th Monday 5:00 Rome & Berlin Time
May 6th Wednesday 7:00 Rome and Berlin Time

May 3rd Sunday 21:00 London & Dublin Time
May 4th Monday 4:00 London & Dublin Time
May 6th Wednesday 6:00 London & Dublin Time

The show can be watched online and we will also post links to watch it after the airing on our website.
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