Monday, February 2, 2015

Reaching Out to the Children of the Philippines

Today the Children's Rosary was given a beautiful gift on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord. We were connected with a wonderful women who will be traveling to the Philippines in the beginning of April.  She has a beautiful devotion to the Rosary and is eager to help spread word of the Children's Rosary in the Philippines.  Speaking with our new friend was an answer to so many prayers as we have hoped and prayed for some time that we might be able to spread the Children's Rosary to the Philippines.  

During her trip in April she hopes to help orphans and other children who find themselves on the street.  Hearing about her upcoming trip we quickly set to work.  The children put together a special package for her trip filled with Children's Rosary books, Children's Rosary CDs and Rosaries.  As we were in the midst of a large winter snow storm the children were home from school and were able to assemble the package. Alina our oldest daughter age 14 was able to brave the snow and walk  the package to the post office to ship out today.  Other members of the Children's Rosary including our group at St. Thomas Becket Parish in Cheshire, Connecticut will be sending 500 miraculous medals along too for the children in the Philippines.  
winter storm today

In a special way we thank Our Lord and Our Lady for making these beautiful connections. We pray in a very special way that in the coming months beautiful fruits will come from these efforts and we may see our first Children's Rosary group form in the Philippines.

If there is anyone reading this post from the Philippines who has an interest in starting a Children's Rosary group please let us know.  Please write to our at:

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