Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Snow!!

The past few weeks we have had a string of snow storms.  Today winter storm Ellie moved in bringing more snows with expected totals around 1 foot.  This of course adds to the several feet we already have on the ground.   Temperatures have been so cold hovering around 1 degree Fahrenheit that nothing has melted.  For the children this has meant lots of snow days and an opportunity to get creative.  We were very happy the current storm held off until after we were back from our Children's Rosary. Today after shoveling our driveway our ten year old son finished off his latest snowman perched on top of a snow bank with a little necklace with St. Anthony on it.  The necklace was free in a basket at Church and Kostin had been wearing it but he thought that it seemed to suit the snowman very well. As we have many who walk down the sidewalk in front of our home it seemed a welcome face to greet those that pass by.  
Although the snow and ice makes travel more difficult and the walk to daily Mass almost mission impossible it is beautiful to see everything covered with a clean white blanket.  

It is also fun to see what the children will do with the snow.  Several weeks ago Alina and Kostin set to work on a huge snowman.  Even with team work the upper two sections of their man did not seem to want to hold together and after much work there was a collapse.  Alina then took to making miniature snowmen and Kostin settled on a medium size.  

Looking at the pictures there is a wonderful appreciation for the joy children find in the simple gifts Our Lord gives us.  

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